Finding treasure with the Dr Otek metal detector

DR. ÖTEK MTXE Metal Detector Review: An Ideal Machine for the Beginner

Considering metal detecting as a new hobby?  Treasure hunting has never been easier to get into with the technology improving to the point that an inexpensive machine can find treasure and teach the skills to continue with success.

The DR. ÖTEK Metal Detector MTXE Kit is the answer. I recently tried out this lightweight and easy-to-operate device, and it’s perfect for both beginners and experienced detectors alike. With its high accuracy, one-click quick matching, and waterproof features, I was impressed by how efficient and accessible this metal detector is.

Trying out the Dr Otek Metal detector and finding a coin
Trying out the Dr Otek Metal detector and finding a coin

I found the six terrain modes on this metal detector especially useful, as they allowed me to quickly switch between different environments like pastures, parks, and sandy areas. The large LCD screen made it simple to adjust the settings while on the go, giving me valuable information about the depth, type of metal, and sensitivity levels. Plus, the adjustable main shaft ensured comfortable use for all users.

Bottom Line – Is It Any Good?

If you’re ready to begin your adventure in metal detecting, I highly recommend the DR. ÖTEK Metal Detector MTXE Kit. It’s going to build your confidence and skills. The perfect stepping stone before investing hundreds into a hobby.

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An Unboxing Experience of DR. ÖTEK MTXE Kit

As I opened the box, I found the DR. ÖTEK MTXE metal detector neatly packed alongside essential accessories, making it ready for use right out of the box. In the package, I found high-quality headphones, a portable waist bag, and a durable edge digger, enabling me to begin my metal detecting adventure immediately.

Assembling the metal detector was a breeze, and I was particularly impressed by the adjustable stem, making it suitable for users of all ages. The product’s design is user-friendly, with its large LCD screen displaying information clearly and allowing effortless settings adjustment.

The waterproof coil, rated IP68, allowed me to explore different sites—streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes—adding excitement while embarking on my metal detection journey. However, it’s essential to remember that the control box is not waterproof.

What comes in the Dr Otek Metal Detecting Kit
What comes in the Dr Otek Metal Detecting Kit

The MTXE kit offered high accuracy during my searches, thanks to the advanced DSP chip and its six detection modes—three classic modes (All Metal, DISC, and Pinpoint) and three Terrain modes (Pasture, Park, and Sand). These options helped me efficiently detect precious metals in various environments.

Ease of Use for Beginners and Enthusiasts Alike

When I first used the DR. ÖTEK MTXE metal detector, I immediately noticed its user-friendliness, which proved to be a treat for both beginners and experienced users. Intuitive operations and clear displays of object recognition, sensitivity, and depth made it easy for me to adjust the settings. In fact, despite being a lightweight detector, it worked well in different terrains, thanks to six detection modes that allow one-click quick matching according to the environment.

In my first 15 minutes of using the Dr Otek metal detector I found a quarter
In my first 15 minutes of using the Dr Otek metal detector I found a quarter

The waterproof coil and adjustable shaft came in handy when I wanted to explore treasures near rivers and lakes, while the advanced DSP chip helped this metal detector maintain its accuracy. Meanwhile, the comprehensive accessory set, including headphones, waist bag, and edge digger, only added to my metal detecting experience, making it enjoyable and hassle-free.

However, remember that the control box is not waterproof and take caution when detecting around water bodies. Overall, I found the DR. ÖTEK MTXE metal detector easy to use, with impressive performance, making it suitable for both newbies and experts alike.

Advanced Features for High Accuracy Detection

As a metal detecting enthusiast, I was thoroughly impressed by the DR. ÖTEK MTXE Kit’s high accuracy and advanced features. Thanks to the advanced DSP chip, the detector provides exceptional anti-interference capabilities, significantly improving search range, sensitivity, and accuracy. I found treasures much more quickly and easily than before.

The display on the Dr Otek is easy to operate
The display on the Dr Otek is easy to operate

The exclusive terrain modes added to my experience too. With six detection modes – All Metal, DISC, Pinpoint, Pasture, Park, and Sand – I had one-click quick matching for specific environments, enhancing the accuracy and enabling efficient targeted detection.

Another important feature is the 9.8″ IP68 waterproof coil, which I appreciated as it allowed me to explore in streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes.

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Versatility Across Various Terrains

Searching for hidden treasures can be quite an adventure, and with the DR.ÖTEK MTXE metal detector, I discovered its ability to adapt and perform accurately across different terrains. The exclusive Terrain Modes truly set this metal detector apart from others I’ve tried.

The six detection modes, including 3 classic (All Metal, DISC, and Pinpoint) and 3 Terrain (Pasture, Park, and Sand) options, allowed me to easily switch between environments with just one click. For instance, when I went from detecting on sandy beaches to grassy parks, I could focus on finding precious metals instead of fumbling with complicated settings.

While the DR. ÖTEK MTXE might not be a high-end professional-grade metal detector, it certainly delivers great accuracy and adaptability across various terrains, which makes for an enjoyable treasure-hunting experience.

Dr Otek Metal Detector Review
Dr Otek Metal Detector Review

Pros and Cons of the DR. ÖTEK MTXE

Versatile Detection Modes: Features six detection modes (ALL-METAL, PASTURE, PARK, SAND, DISC, and PINPOINT), allowing for efficient targeting in various environments.Control Box Not Waterproof: While the coil is waterproof, the control box is not, limiting some water-based detecting activities.
User-Friendly Interface: Large LCD screen for easy reading of depth, metal type, and sensitivity levels, making it ideal for beginners.Manual Clarity: The user manual could be more comprehensive, potentially leaving some users needing further clarification on features.
Lightweight and Comfortable: Weighing only 2.1 pounds with an adjustable stem, it’s comfortable for prolonged use and suitable for all ages.Recovery Speed: The recovery speed is not the fastest, which might affect detecting efficiency.
High Accuracy with Advanced DSP Chip: Exceptional anti-interference capabilities improve search range, sensitivity, and accuracy.Shaft Lengths: The shaft length is predetermined.
Waterproof Coil: The 9.8″ IP68 coil enhances versatility, allowing searches in various terrains, including near water bodies.
Comprehensive Accessory Set: Includes headphones, a waist bag, and a durable edge digger, adding value to the package.
Affordable: Offers a solid performance with mid-price features at a budget-friendly price point.

Pros of the DR. ÖTEK MTXE Metal Detector

The DR. ÖTEK MTXE Metal Detector Kit stands out for its beginner-friendly design while offering features that appeal to experienced users. Its large LCD screen facilitates easy operation, displaying depth, object recognition, and sensitivity levels clearly, enhancing the treasure hunting experience.

Impressively accurate for its price, the MTXE Kit features an advanced DSP chip for exceptional anti-interference, improving search range, sensitivity, and accuracy, and enabling quicker treasure finds.

It offers six detection modes, including three terrain-specific options (Pasture, Park, and Sand), allowing for efficient targeting in diverse environments. The 9.8″ IP68 waterproof coil and adjustable stem, ranging from 41.3″ to 52.4″, cater to users of all ages and heights, though the control box is not waterproof.

Cons – Areas for Improvement

Despite its strengths, this machine has some drawbacks. The overall quality is good, but the user manual lacks comprehensive explanations for certain features. However, the company’s responsive customer support helps bridge this gap.

Get a copy of the DR. Ötek User Manual 👉 HERE

The Durable and Comfortable Design for Prolonged Use

After using this machine for several weeks, I must say that its durable and comfortable design truly stands out. The lightweight construction, weighing only 2.1 pounds, allows for easy transport and long hours of swinging without experiencing arm fatigue. I also found the adjustable main shaft, ranging from 41.3″ to 52.4″, very accommodating for users of different heights, ensuring they remain comfortable during use.

By incorporating an advanced DSP chip, this metal detector demonstrates exceptional anti-interference capabilities, which greatly enhances search range, sensitivity, and accuracy. The waterproof 9.8″ IP68 coil allows for searching in various terrains, including streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes. However, it is essential to note that the control box is not waterproof.

The easy-to-read large LCD displays essential information like depth, object recognition, and sensitivity levels. While it does a fantastic job detecting precious metals, it may not be as functional for other types of metal detection. In summary, the DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector’s durable and comfortable design, alongside the adjustable stem and waterproof coil, make it an excellent option for prolonged use.

Read more about the company Dr. ÖTEK and their mission at Dr Ötek About Page

Customer Feedback on the DR. ÖTEK MTXE Metal Detector

Having used the DR.ÖTEK MTXE Metal Detector Kit myself, I’ve seen that many customers echo my positive experience. They often highlight its lightweight build and beginner-friendly usability. The included digger and finds bag are well-received bonuses.

Read the reviews on Amazon with this link 👉 Reviews of Dr. Ötek Metal Detector

Newcomers to metal detecting and those revisiting the hobby find the MTXE an ideal starter model. Its user-friendly digital display and audio cues contribute to a satisfying detecting experience. While a few users have noted concerns about durability, such instances are relatively rare. Overall, customers feel the DR.ÖTEK MTXE offers good value and serves as an excellent introduction to metal detecting.

One More Swing with the DR. ÖTEK Metal Detector

After thoroughly testing the DR. ÖTEK MTXE Metal Detector, I’m confident in saying it’s an excellent starter kit for aspiring treasure hunters. Its beginner-friendly features, like the intuitive operation and clear LCD screen, make it a top choice for those new to the hobby. The detector’s accuracy is impressive, especially considering its affordability.

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Do keep in mind, though, that the control box isn’t waterproof. Overall, the DR.ÖTEK MTXE offers a great mix of user-friendliness, accuracy, and adaptability, making it a valuable tool for anyone embarking on their metal detecting journey.


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