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The Best Metal Detector for Finding Gold (And 4 Runners Up)

Many people who like using metal detectors often ask what the best metal detector for finding gold is. Of course, the thrill of digging gold is not only enjoyable but can also be a profitable activity. However, not all metal detectors are designed to detect gold, so you need to find the right one for your activity.

The best metal detector for finding gold is the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. Improve your chances of finding gold with a high quality machine made by the best brand. The Monster is a balance of superior performance with the latest technology at an outstanding price. Tuned specifically for gold hunting, the 45kHz VLF combined with a 24-bit signal processor filters excess noise and false signals increaseing target IDs.

Minelab Gold Monster 1000
Minelab Gold Monster 1000

Hey, David here, owner of Metal Detecting Tips. Minelab has consistently been a leader in metal detector technology. I’ve found $1000s with my “Nox 800”. If gold hunting is for you, I’m confident the Monster 1000 will deliver the goods.

What is the Best Metal Detector for Finding Gold?

Finding the elusive gold nugget or even a gold flake is close to reality if you have the suitable device with you. Unlike coins, relics, and jewelry, a metal detector for gold requires careful and thorough consideration.

A regular metal detector transmits electromagnetic waves into the ground for it to find metal objects. Once the electromagnetic waves hit metal, the metal will generate its electromagnetic field. Once the search coil of your metal detector receives these signals, it will alert you that it found a target.

On the other hand, metal detectors for gold take one step further in terms of the process. After receiving electromagnetic waves from a target, a gold detector will measure its conductivity and inductance.

Why is important to get a gold specific detector? Iron and gold have a similar response to the preferred 45 kHz frequency. A gold specific machine will use a high speed signal processor to differentiate iron from gold.

Metal Detecting Tip: Water and gold fit together like a hand in a glove. It’s critical to get a detector built for wet, sandy saltwater conditions. Make sure your detector is durable and has a great warranty.

By measuring the number of electromagnetic waves and how fast they travel, metal detectors for gold will be able to calculate a target’s time constant.

Moreover, gold falls within the middle range time constant, which your detector can find once calibrating its settings. (source)

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The Minelab Gold Monster 1000

When it comes to calculating the time constant and detecting gold, the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 does best. Minelab proved that you could expect nothing less from it as it is among the best companies to develop metal detectors. This particular device is often the answer when people ask for the best metal detector for finding gold.

Wondering what the Gold Monster costs? Here’s a link to Kellyco for current prices and check out the reviews. – Minelab Gold Monster 1000

Metal Detecting Tip: When searching close to a beach, search parallel to the waterline. A great detector like the Gold Monster 1000 will ground balance better.

The Gold Monster 1000 is a bit on the pricey side.  But you can make the most out of your investment since it is packed with excellent features. It has an very low frequency (VLF) of 45kHz. This frequency is highly ideal for detecting gold flakes and gold nuggets.

Additionally, this metal detector boasts itself for its automatic ground tracking feature. With this option, you no longer need to adjust the device’s settings every time you move to different locations. (source)

The unit also comes with two DD coils — the first is a 10-inch elliptical coil, and the second is a 5-inch round coil. Both coils are waterproof when submerged up to one meter deep. For this reason, you will be able to adjust to your surroundings easily.

Get a free copy of the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 user guide – HERE

Changing the settings of the Gold Monster 1000 is very easy, thanks to its monochrome LED display. For this reason, you can change from Deep All-Metal to Gold modes with just a few taps. The LED display also allows you to:

  • switch the detector to auto
  • adjust the sensitivity settings
  • adjust the volume

Even better, you can easily collapse and pack away the Gold Monster 1000. This way, you can easily bring it to any site where you want to look for gold. (source)

👉Hey David here the guy behind this website. Check Out My Favorite Metal Detecting Equipment Below 👍 Recommended

Nokta Ultra
Nokta Simplex ULTRA 👈 Awesome Machine!

When asked what I recommend, the 👉 Nokta Simplex Ultra stands out. Perfect for beginners, it’s waterproof, includes wireless headphones, and offers five functional modes, growing with your detecting skills.

Lesche T Handle Shovel picture
Lesche T Handle Shovel digs through everything

The next thing you need is a great shovel, believe me when I say you’ll dig more knowing you can dig FASTER. The nearly bullet proof Lesche T- Handle Shovel is the most comfortable heavy duty shovel I’ve ever used.

I love the CKG Sand Scoop for Beach Metal Detecting
I love the CKG Sand Scoop for Beach Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting and Beaches are a perfect match. To search a beach you’ve GOT TO HAVE A SAND SCOOP. CKG Sand Scoops are heavy duty and able to be used as a shovel.

Minelab Equinox 800 amazing Metal Detector
Minelab Equinox 800 amazing metal detector

If it’s time up UP YOUR GAME , get the industry standard metal detector. The Minelab Equinox 800 IS THE BEST. Okay it’s not cheap, but your finds are going to increase with this machine.

Next Best Metal Detectors for Gold to the Gold Monster 1000

There is no denying that the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is expensive. For this reason, some hobbyists think twice about getting this unit for their gold-finding journey.

Fortunately, there are less expensive devices that come next to the best metal detector for finding gold.

2. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

If you are looking for a metal detector for gold that does its job well, the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is an excellent choice. It balances its advanced features with user-friendliness. Even better is that it works well on almost every terrain type that you can search for gold.

This device has Garrett’s digital target ID, Iron Audio, and preset search modes in terms of features. The digital target ID feature helps you in identifying materials within a range of 0 to 99. Additionally, it has a higher search frequency of 15kHz. For this reason, it allows you to detect higher-precision materials, such as gold nuggets.

3. Minelab Excalibur ll

The gold detector sits very closely which is the best metal detector for finding gold is another device from Minelab. The reason is that Excalibur ll can detect gold nuggets even in small and high-interference terrain.

What makes the Minelab Excalibur ll different from regular metal detectors is its multi-frequency feature. This frequency option helps you detect highly conductive gold easily. It also features four operating modes, allowing you to adjust the device and suit it to different circumstances and environments.

That said, you can use this gold detector in places with clean soil and little interference and terrains with mineralized soil or hot rocks. These interferences can disrupt the signals generated by gold, so having a device that works well even in such environments is a good thing.

Moreover, this metal detector is weather-resistant. You can even use it underwater. So, you can use it in places where rain suddenly pours. (source)

4. Fischer Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector

What is the best metal detector for finding gold when you are on a tight budget? The answer is the Fischer Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector . This unit is built for gold searches. Features include the “Iron Disc” to reject iron finds and 71 kHz for excellent sensitivity.

Comfort should always be a consideration, at just under 3 pounds the Gold Bug-2 is easy to swing all day. A fantastic choice if you want to increase your metal detecting searches.

Metal Detecting Tip: Read the instruction manual before you buy a metal detector. Here’s a copy of the Fischer Gold Bug 2 Manual

The Gold Bug-2 is good for hunting gold because it features Analogue Discrimination Technology. For this reason, the device automatically excludes low-value metals from its searches. You can also ensure that this metal detector will last for a long time as it is made with a dependable construction and design.

Moreover, the sensitivity setting and discrimination feature of this device makes it more capable of detecting gold. By adjusting the metal detector’s sensitivity and turning the discrimination setting to low, your metal detector will ignore invaluable targets like foils and nails. In addition, it will allow the device to increase its depth level. (source)

Check out this article on all the gear available for gold hunting. Link – Gear for Gold Hunting

5. Garrett Goldmaster 24K

If you are trying to expand your skills in finding gold, you need to check out the Garrett Goldmaster 24K. The Goldmaster comes with a 6″ x 10″ DD coil and quick ground balance. The Garrett brand has a proven history in the portable metal detecting world with multiple patents.

Get a free copy of the Garrett Goldmaster 24 manual – HERE

Something that the Goldmaster provides excels in is ground balancing on the go. Called XGB the unit is more stable in differing ground conditions like “Hot Rocks” and highly compacted soilds.

Using 48kHz power and 8 AA rechargeable batteries the Garrett Goldmaster reaches deep into the ground to find hidden nuggets.

The search coil is fully submergible and the control display is rain resistant providing the protection needed in extreme environments like arid plains or salty beaches.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Metal Detector

It is easy to find the best metal detector for finding gold with just a few taps on your phone. However, if you do not know what factors you need to consider before purchasing a gold detector, you might end up making a costly mistake. To avoid that, make sure you understand the factors you need to consider before purchasing a metal detector.

The Price

Just like any other item, expensive detectors can provide more features than budget-friendly ones. So, before you go looking for the best metal detector for detecting gold, you first need to set a budget that you are willing to spend.

Moreover, getting a budget-friendly metal detector is ideal if you check the features before finally purchasing it. This way, you can ensure that the detector you bought is good for finding gold and other valuable metal.

Where You Will Use the Detector?

If you want to detect gold, you should, of course, purchase a metal detector that is made specifically for locating small pieces of gold. However, metal detectors have several purposes, such as finding coins, relics, and jewelry. For this reason, you need to ensure that the detector you are purchasing is specifically designed to detect gold.

How Often You Will Use the Device?

Will you use your detector occasionally, or will you spend more time finding gold and other objects? If you are going to use the device often, you should go for a high-end, feature-packed unit. But if you cannot devote time to using your detector, getting a less expensive one is ideal.

David Humphries, Writer and Creator of METAL DETECTING TIPS. After borrowing my son’s detector and finding $.25. I felt like a treasure hunter. FREE MONEY! I was seriously bitten by the metal detecting bug.


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