About David Humphries

Wow! A couple years ago I grabbed my sons metal detector to take on a camping trip. I thought it would be fun to walk the beach and just do a little sweeping.

I really didn’t know how to use the detector. All the beeping and buttons on the thing was just confusing. It seemed like I was just digging up gum wrappers and bottle tops.

Frustrated I was about to give up and I heard a different tone. I dug a little by hand and found a QUARTER!

YUP! – I FOUND $0.25!

It wasn’t even silver, in fact it was 3 years old. But it felt like money from heaven.

David Humphries Metal Detecting - My First Find!
David Humphries Metal Detecting – My First Find!

Since then I’ve had a chance to read, learn and share this amazing hobby with hundreds of folks. My goal is to help YOU feel like money fell from heaven!

If you’re looking to get a hold of me –

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