Metal Detecting on Oak Island

Can You Metal Detect on Oak Island, Nova Scotia?

The shoreline of Nova Scotia is occupied by some of the world’s most beautiful small islands, with one of the most popular among metal detecting enthusiasts being Oak Island. Oak Island is linked to several historical events and pirates like Blackbeard, who is believed to have hidden his treasure there. Treasure? Yeah, it has been on my bucket list for years.

Fortunately, I did metal detection on Oak Island with my dad when I was ten, and we found a few ancient coins on the beach.

When I heard that my friends were planning to metal detect on Oak Island, I couldn’t resist the temptation to join them. Unfortunately, we weren’t sure about the metal-detecting rules in Nova Scotia, and the only thing that mattered was can we metal detect in Oak Island. And if we can, which are the best metal detecting tools for exploring this rustic island?

You can metal detect on Oak Island; folks have been trying to find hidden artifacts and treasures since the 18th century. But since the island has faced multiple excavations over the years, you may need to get some powerful metal detecting devices like The Main Lab 30/30 metal detector.

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Can You Metal Detect on Oak Island?

Yes, metal detecting in Nova Scotia using non-intrusive scanning devices is legal. Still, in some places, you may need landowners’ permission. (source) And with most of Oak Island being private property, you need permission from the owners to metal detect on Oak Island. Currently, a considerable percentage of the island is owned by Marty and Rick Lagina. They obtained ownership after getting a controlling interest in the Oak Island Tours Company which owned a considerable percentage of the island. (source)

Metal Detecting Tip: Treasure hunting doesn’t mean making a mess, digging holes and destroying historic sites. Use some ethics and preserve history. Sharing pictures and documenting the location and researching the back story is the most important part of finding treasure. Read my article ๐Ÿ‘‰ Metal Detecting Rules, Ethics and Laws

Therefore, you may have to get permission from the Lagina brothers to metal detect the part of the island owned by their company. Remember, they have been excavating on Oak Island for years and may have scanned a vast percentage of the island. But that should never discourage you from visiting this historically privately owned island.

After all, no two metal detecting trips are the same; you may find some old coins in places where they have already excavated. But this will depend on your metal detecting devices skills and, most importantly, luck. You can find a few coins or lost wedding rings around the beach with a proper plan.

Whatโ€™s Hidden on Oak Island?

Oak Island is one of the most popular metal detecting locations in Canada; that’s believed to be home to several hidden treasures. People have been excavating the site in search of ancient artifacts and treasures for centuries. Some of the most famous treasures believed to be buried in the region include the Ark of the Covenant and Shakespearean manuscripts. (source)

Fortunately, several historical items on Oak Island have been carbon-dated and discovered centuries old. Therefore, you are likely to find some ancient coins on the island. There are several theories on what can be found on the island, with the most famous treasure stories being:

1. Treasure Trove

It is believed that Henry Sinclair, who visited the island in 1398 from Scotland, buried some treasure on the island and then planted some oak trees. The oak trees served as beacons for other members of the Knights Templar who visited the island looking for the treasure. (source)

Statue of Blackbeard
Statue of Blackbeard

Another theory claims that Captain Kidd buried some treasure in the Pit. It is believed that Henry Avery and Captain Kidd used Oak Island as a community bank, where they stored their treasure. The pirate Blackbeard has also been linked with this island for centuries. Allegedly, he claims that he buried his treasure in a place only he and Satan can find, which most folks believe to be the Pit on the island.

Therefore, if you believe these unique stories as I do, metal detecting on this beautiful island can be a dream come true.

2. Artifacts

Several theories have associated this island with several historical artifacts lost for centuries. Some of these unique artifacts believed to have been hidden on this island include:

Antoinette Marie’s Jewel

Several unproven stories claim that Marie‘s jewels were hidden on the island. It is said that while the Parisians were marching to the Versailles Palace, Marie told her maid to run away with her jewel. Supposedly the maid is believed to have passed through Nova Scotia, particularly on Oak Island, while escaping to London. While on the island, the maid buried some of Marie’s jewels, which have been missing to date. (source)

Masonic Artifacts

According to the Oak Island Secrets, which Finnan Mark wrote, several masonic markings were found on the island. Plus, the Pit and its unique content are believed to be associated with the masonic initiation, which he thought included a hidden vault containing some sacred treasure. (source) Sora Steven speculates that the exiled Knight Templar dug the Pit and hid the holy grail inside it.

Is There a Treasure on Oak Island?

Even though most of the treasures believed to be allegedly buried on the island, like the Holy Grail and Marie Antoinette’s jewel, are believed to be myths. Several excavators, including Marty and Rick, have discovered some treasure on the island. Some of the artifacts found on the island are dated and displayed in the museum.

Therefore, I believe you can find some old coins on the island. A suitable device can easily detect some jewelry hidden a few feet into the ground. Therefore, if you believe these myths and would love to try your luck, then you should visit Oak Island and try your luck.

You may discover some ancient coins; if you don’t, the idea of being on such a historical island can be pretty intriguing. You can even detect metal on the beach and find some rings and coins that tourists may have lost while visiting the island.

Metal Detecting Tip: I’ve got a couple tips and techniques that help to get permission to metal detect on private property. I’ve shared them in this article ๐Ÿ‘‰ Tips and Tricks to Get Permission to Metal Detect on Private Property

What Metal Detector Is Used on the Oak Island Show?

Even since the show began, the Lagina’s have used several metal detectors designed to detect medium, shallow and deep depths. And over the years, they have used several types of metal detectors. Still, one device that detected something was the Minelab 30/30 metal detector.

The Minelab 30/30 metal detector is an exceptional device that can help detect some precious metals. Therefore, you won’t waste too much time detecting metal on Oak Island with a sound machine like this. The ultimate high-performing detector can guarantee accuracy while doing what you love the most, so you will never have to deal with bottle tops. (source)

Metal Detectorists Recap

Situated in Nova Scotia, Oak Island is one of the few places on the continent associated with treasure over the last few centuries. It’s believed that several pirates used this island as a store for their lot. Therefore, Oak Island is the perfect destination for most experienced metal detecting enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, it is a private island; therefore, you will have to get permission from the owners to metal detect on Oak Island. And with a unique metal detector like the Minelab 30/30 metal detector, you can find some of the treasure buried a few feet into the ground.  

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David Humphries, Writer and Creator of METAL DETECTING TIPS. After borrowing my sonโ€™s detector and finding $.25. I felt like a treasure hunter. FREE MONEY! I was seriously bitten by the metal detecting bug.


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