Best Metal Detecting YouTube Channels

11 Best Metal Detecting Youtube Channels

You’re on the right page if you’re searching for the best metal-detecting YouTube channels and don’t know the best resource. All of us have a little bit of explorer in us. It may seem like a treasure hunt just to track down some good metal-detecting videos that are either entertaining or instructive.

Metal detecting enthusiasts now have a variety of options when it comes to finding interesting or helpful resources. If you love to watch videos showing off their finds, try to watch great YouTube channels out there that can help you learn what you need to know. Here are 11 of my favorites:

Number 11:  Metal Detecting NYC

YouTube Vlogger since 2015 (Source)

Channel Name Metal Detecting NYC
Subscribers20.4 Thousand
Total Views3,738,545
Most Popular Video 👉 Electrolysis Gun Rust Removal76 Thousand Views
as of 2022

One of our best metal detecting YouTube channels is watching how a metal detectorist enjoys using various types of equipment. This channel shows us equipment such as the Minelab Equinox 600, the Minelab E-Trac, the Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi, the Garrett Ace, the Minelab Safari, and the Nokta Simplex. He also spends his free time searching for relics and coins.

Recommended Video to Watch

​​Nokta Makro Simplex Target ID VDI Bible Part 1: American Coin is a comprehensive guide on how to use this Nokta Makro. (Source)

In this tutorial, he’ll show you how to measure everything from coins to treasure found in the area over the past nine years. It is not only limited to one detector but also applies to any kind of detector on the market. One of the essential factors you’ll want to consider when determining the composition of a coin is how it faces weathering.

A coin that has been dropped into the dirt and gets a little thinner than a newly minted coin will have different target ids. For instance, if a coin has been in the sand for a long time, it will have another target id than if it was just minted.

Learn more from his video tutorial!

👉Hey David here the guy behind this website. Check Out My Favorite Metal Detecting Equipment Below 👍 Recommended

Nokta Ultra
Nokta Simplex ULTRA 👈 Awesome Machine!

When asked what I recommend, the 👉 Nokta Simplex Ultra stands out. Perfect for beginners, it’s waterproof, includes wireless headphones, and offers five functional modes, growing with your detecting skills.

Lesche T Handle Shovel picture
Lesche T Handle Shovel digs through everything

The next thing you need is a great shovel, believe me when I say you’ll dig more knowing you can dig FASTER. The nearly bullet proof Lesche T- Handle Shovel is the most comfortable heavy duty shovel I’ve ever used.

I love the CKG Sand Scoop for Beach Metal Detecting
I love the CKG Sand Scoop for Beach Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting and Beaches are a perfect match. To search a beach you’ve GOT TO HAVE A SAND SCOOP. CKG Sand Scoops are heavy duty and able to be used as a shovel.

Minelab Equinox 800 amazing Metal Detector
Minelab Equinox 800 amazing metal detector

If it’s time up UP YOUR GAME , get the industry standard metal detector. The Minelab Equinox 800 IS THE BEST. Okay it’s not cheap, but your finds are going to increase with this machine.

Number 10:  GraveDiggerMax – Treasure and Blades

YouTube Vlogger since 2009 (Source)

Channel Name gravediggermax
Subscribers6.7 Thousand
Total Views3,043,177
Most Popular Video 👉 A pirate ship must have sunk off the coast today156 Thousand Views
as of 2022

Another of our best metal detecting YouTube channels is GraveDiggerMax, whose YouTube comments are often called ASMR-like. His soft Southern drawl adds to the enjoyment of his videos. His channel and videos are full of honest information about detecting metal.

Recommended Video to Watch

His video titled First Spin ever with the new heater: CTX 3030 is fun to watch, with over 7,000 views. (Source)

He tried the CTX 3030, and it’s faster than he expected, and it seems like it’s a little quicker than his old machine. Learn how he gave his honest review on this metal detector for detecting gold and other metal objects in various soil types.

Number 9: True Vikings

YouTube Vlogger Since 2016 (Source)

Channel Name True Vikings
Subscribers6.6 Thousand
Total Views813,395
Most Popular Video 👉 We Found Old Treasure at Detectival 20221.2 Thousand Views
as of 2022

These two Finnish men’s vlogs are on a mission to find new treasures and one of the best metal detecting YouTube channels. Their enthusiasm for metal detecting is undeterred, even if they don’t see anything Saxon or Roman golds. They have a passion for traveling and discovering new places all around the globe. They produce movies on gold panning, metal detecting, and magnet fishing.

They have been on several travels to different parts of the globe. During some of these journeys, we have gone metal detecting in various nations, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, and Finland.

Recommended Video to Watch

I recommend watching his vlog titled What Did We Find on the German WW2 Battlefield!? [metal detecting WWII Finland] (Source)

He used a pinpointer in one of the holes of Finland’s Lapland, in the middle of a Second World War battlefield, where he found a lot of shrapnel. Find some interesting facts about the German War and what treasures he saw in this historic place.

Number 8: DrTones24K

YouTube Vlogger since 2013 (Source)

Channel Name DrTones24K
Subscribers61.7 Thousand
Total Views11,231,452
Most Popular Video 👉 Metal Detecting Fists Full Of Treasure788 Thousand Views
as of 2022

As DrTones24k on YouTube, Brandon is a genuine explorer known for his enthusiasm for treasure hunting, archaeology, and preserving historical artifacts. He is one of our best metal detecting YouTube channels.

He wanders off the regular road often and will go to any lengths to track down his new treasures. He has pals willing to put in the time and effort with him to complete the task.

Brandon has also written a book on metal detecting called “The Metal Detecting Bible,” which is a must-read for any novice or expert. It’s fantastic to see a detectorist giving back to the community by assisting other enthusiasts in reaching their goals.

Recommended Video to Watch

His Metal Detecting Fists Full of Treasure! Carson City Silver Coins Galore! It is a must-watch! (Source)

In this video, he’ll show the famous place Carson City, Nevada, for their mint Liberty coin seeds, which he’s always wanted. Using his metal detector, watch how his hands shake, looking for a wide signal. Whether it’s a key or a coin, he instantly identified an 1873 metal. Find out more on this video!

Number 7: ChicagoRon Guinazzo

YouTube Vlogger since 2007 (Source)

Channel Name ChicagoRon Guinazzo
Subscribers7.5 Thousand
Total Views3,265,016
Most Popular Video 👉 1 pound of gold!1.5 Million views
as of 2022

Chicago Ron is one of the oldest metal detecting channels on YouTube, which made him on the list of best metal detecting YouTube channels. His videos are over ten years old, and he has removed many of his newer ones. However, his website still has a lot of great content about his everyday adventures.

Ron leads groups of detectorists on annual trips to England, where they can explore his permission to search for Saxon and Roman treasures. If you’re planning on going with him, follow his raffle.

Recommended Video to Watch

His video on 1 pound of gold! 2010 beach detecting gold received 1.5 million views. (Source)

He narrated that for over 25 years, he has been a treasure hunter and found many things in parks and fields around Chicago. Many people have lost their buried treasure, and thousands of years ago, a man in your backyard lost his entire collection.

They found over a pound of gold in the first year on the beaches. Ron’s friend, Mark, got some good stuff, including some coins from England. He ended up with over 200 grams of gold, which is a lot of gold. He also got a nice ring from Peru.

Number 6: Gone Diggin

YouTube Vlogger since 2016 (Source)

Channel Name Gone Diggin
Subscribers9.5 Thousand
Total Views774,481
Most Popular Video 👉 Oldest American Antique bottle ever dug on Camera!45 Thousand views
as of 2022

You’ll be entertained and knowledgeable in history with one of the best metal detecting YouTube channels, Gone Diggin.

​​The goal of Gone Diggin is to provide a historical and metal detecting channel. He mainly focuses on the recovery of relics and other historical items that have been lost or stolen. This hobby has been his passion for a long time.

The passion for relic hunting, metal detecting, and bottle dump digging has become an obsession. The videos showed how to get started with these activities and some favorite discoveries. There are also short “Quick Digs” videos that will help you get started.

Matt at Gone Diggin is a man who will cover any base. He’s also known for his striking ability to put the dirt to the test. In addition to that, he was bitten by sharks.

Matt has found a lot of shark teeth, including some of the biggest Megalodons ever discovered. While not impressed by fossil hunting and metal detecting, we suggest “magnet fishing.” Matt does it all, and he has a lot of videos to keep you entertained.

Recommended Video to Watch

His Metal Detecting and Bottle Digging in Virginia- A Unexpected Colonial Pit video got 13,00 views on his bottle digging using metal detectors. (Source)

He showed a place where he had been looking for Civil War items for years. They found a cooking pit full of things from the Colonial era when they went into a camp.

He showed that using machines is an exciting part of the mining business. When finding a pit, the Minelab GPX 4500 was the best option, while the XP Deus was the best option for the other guys.

He recommended that people take their time when looking for artifacts, which is one of the essential things to consider. Most of the time, the bottles in the pits are broken, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to put some of the pieces back together.

Number 5: She Detector

YouTube Vlogger since 2015 (Source)

Channel Name She Detector
Subscribers30 Thousand
Total Views4,490,213
Most Popular Video 👉 Metal Detecting After Hurricane Irma1.7 Million views
as of 2022

We are down to number 5 of our best metal detecting YouTube channels. Although metal detecting is not exclusively for males, it is also not limited to males. In 2015, She detector became a part of the metal-detecting community and YouTube. Her channel showcases her journey from a novice to an experienced treasure hunter.

She detector is a role model for young women interested in learning more about metal detecting. She’s a member of Kellyco’s Test Team. She has a lot of knowledge about the equipment metal detector enthusiasts need to succeed.

Recommended Video to Watch

Her Metal Detecting Ring Compilation video got 35,000 views when she showed how she got rings using her metal detector at the beach. (Source)

It’s nice to see how she collected rings in just a few minutes. There are gold and silver rings. She got nostalgic here when she started to find rings in Sanford. She even recalled that it took her about an hour to detect the first ring, and then she noticed that there was a necklace right there, as well.

Number 4: DetectorComparisons

YouTube Vlogger since 2013 (Source)

Channel Name DetectorComparisons
Subscribers29 Thousand
Total Views7,867,333
Most Popular Video 👉 Underwater Metal Detecting a Vintage Swim Beach1.9 Million views
as of 2022

We’re down to our number four best metal detecting YouTube channels. Since 1973, he has actively engaged in metal detecting and treasure-hunting hobbies. They began with BFO detectors, allowing the user to dig anything without doing analyses. After more than 47 years, the detectors upgraded to the computerized norm of today, and some are even waterproof.

Although he has spent most of his time hunting in the Northeastern United States, his passion has carried him to several other nations.

Recommended Video to Watch

His Metal Detecting – Gold Coin Glory Hole got over 200,000 views. (Source)

You’ll be amazed at how they got Indian pennies. It’s so beautiful, and it’s hard to believe it’s still there.

It’s an 1857 penny in brand-new condition and has no scratches. It’s fun to watch how they got more coins, probably from the 1860s, and it’s a treasure worth two dollars.

British gold points are number four out of six, and they’re almost in an area that’s about 18 inches wide. Big John has four gold coins, and he’s still working on that stash area.

Can you imagine how much value these old coins have now? It’s a real treasure for these gold hunters!

Number 3: Jiggin’ With Jordan

YouTube Vlogger since 2013 (Source)

Channel Name Jiggin’ With Jordan
Subscribers3.14 Million
Total Views402,515,263
Most Popular Video 👉 Searching For Treasure in Famous PARTY Spot18.3 Million views
as of 2022

And to our top 3 best metal detecting YouTube channels.

Jiggin’ With Jordan, also known simply as Jordan, is a YouTuber, diver, and vlogger from the United States who often collaborates with his buddies on his films. On June 11, 2013, he made his YouTube channel debut for the first time.

He posts movies about scuba diving in rivers and seas on his primary channel. He and his buddies search for lost goods and attempt to return them to the rightful owner (s). In addition, they have a propensity to pick up and dispose of any garbage they come across along the road.

On his second channel, which is called Just Jiggin, he also posts vlogs. Still, the emphasis of these videos is more on completing tasks rather than locating objects that are submerged.

Recommended Video to Watch

His Metal Detecting River For $10,000 Lost Wedding Ring!! (Waterslide) received over 4000,000 views. (Source)

He explored the spring to search for a $10,000 wedding ring. They checked the area around here and saw if there was a location where You could find it using a metal detector. He knows it will be tough to find it in the sand, but they try to uncover it.

They tried to sweep the area around there and see if they could find the wedding ring. Was he able to find it? Watch the video till the end.

Number 2: Arkeolog

YouTube Vlogger since 2020 (Source)

Channel Name Arkeolog
Subscribers2.16 Million
Total Views678,347,267
Most Popular Video 👉 We Found a Treasure Metal Detecting15 Million views
as of 2022

We’re almost to the best metal detecting YouTube channels. This vlog became so popular on YouTube that you’ll be amazed at how they use metal detectors to find hidden treasures. You will surely get hooked on each of their videos and be surprised by how they amassed tons of gold in their featured treasure hunting.

Interestingly, many wealthy people hid their wealth to protect it in the past. People usually use this method because no bank can save money and wealth. These riches were buried because the person who buried them typically caused the most disasters or wars.

They are professional treasure hunters who specialize in finding hidden treasures. They use metal detectors to find buried objects that are not easily obtainable.

Recommended Video to Watch

In his latest video, The Three Greatest Treasures in The World, Found In 2022, they found a great treasure that’s undoubtedly an excellent watch for every metal detector enthusiast. (Source)

Using a metal detector, they finally found the treasure box hidden in a hefty outer box. You can see in the video how the treasure hunter slowly removed the box from the location where they found it.

The location where they came across the treasure box is known to have many hidden treasures. The map of the area where the eager treasure hunter found the box shows numerous treasures in this region.

Upon opening the trunk, you could immediately feel the history of this area. Many people in this region during the war fled the area by burying their valuables. Watch this video til the end and witness the hidden treasure found in 2022.

Number 1: DALLMYD

YouTube Vlogger since 2011 (Source)

Channel Name DALLMYD
Subscribers13 Million
Total Views1,741,886,775
Most Popular Video 👉 Found Jewelry Underwater in River While Scuba Diving63 Million views
as of 2022

We are now on our number 1 best metal detecting YouTube channels. Popular YouTube personality Jake Koehler is a treasure hunter, YouTuber, and free diver. His track, “DALLMYD,” has over 13 million subscribers and has been viewed over 700 million times. Although he was born in Georgia, he grew up in California.

After graduating, he moved to Alabama with his family. During his time in the state, he spent a lot of time fishing on the Chattahoochee River. However, since he didn’t own a boat, he had to find other creative ways to get to the islands where he could catch the best fish.

After that, he started bringing swimming equipment with him on these trips. In January 2011, he began making videos on YouTube. Initially, his videos were mainly about games, but he eventually started making videos about underwater treasure hunting and scuba diving.

Recommended Video to Watch

His “I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)” video garnered over 50 million views from his followers.

He acquired a waterproof one that can travel 300 feet deep. It’s also notable that he can locate a valuable ring while I’m searching. He dove after a day at the beach.

He’ll learn some metal detecting fundamentals. His metal detector has multiple discriminating modes to discover metals. Then, you’ll see how he used a pinpointer next. Watch till the end how he found nine wedding rings underwater.

He’s fun to watch, and no wonder he has millions of followers.

One Last Sweep

These 11 best metal detecting YouTube channels are must-watch for every metal detector enthusiast. These metal detectors offer the potential for financial gain and personal satisfaction.

They often unearth unique artifacts, such as coins, jewelry, and ancient artifacts. These vloggers showcase and review some metal detectors used on land or in water and come in various designs. You may get inspiration from their videos and start searching for hidden treasure with a metal detector.

Learning How to Use Your Metal Detector Can Be Tough, But I’ve Got You Covered with These Articles


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