Metal Detector Rental

Metal Detector Rental (7 places to rent around the USA)

Renting a metal detector is a great option for the beginner to test out a detector or find a lost ring.  I was surprised when I started shopping for a higher end metal detector how many rental locations are available.

Can You Rent Metal Detectors?

Absolutely, in fact renting a metal detector is a great option for finding a lost ring in the backyard or trying the latest technology on a higher end metal detector.  Another rental option is at beach resort areas where a metal detector can be rented as easily as beach chairs and umbrellas.

Rhode Island State Parks for Metal Detecting
Rent a Metal Detector

Reasons to Rent a Metal Detector

I’ll start by describing why I rented a metal detector, then we’ll get into all the different reasons. 

I had been using my son’s metal detector for a couple years.  It’s a Garrett Ace 250, I still recommend folks investigate getting that machine starting out because it provides great technology at an affordable price. 

Rent to Test an Upgraded Metal Detector

When the treasure hunting bug really grabbed ahold of me, I decided to take the plunge and spend some savings (along with the funds from selling a diamond ring I found).   I set my budget between $700 and $900, with the hope of getting a new detector, headphones and new pin pointer.

Three models stood out for me because I mostly comb beaches.

  1. Garrett AT Max (short cut link to Kellyco)
  2. Minelab Equinox 600 Multi-IQ  (link to Kellyco)
  3. Nokta Makro ANFIBIO  (Kellyco link)

Metal Detector ModelHeadphones / Pin Pointer Included Extra Notable Accessories
Garrett AT MaxYes / Yes Both are wireless!Coil cover
Minelab Equinox 600 Muti-IQYes / YesLight weight unit
Nokta Makro ANFIBIOYes / NoExtra DD Coil

Spending that kind of money isn’t easy for me.  We’ve got a couple kids in college and have prioritized them, but my wife gave me a little slack to splurge on a new machine.  Search as I might I couldn’t decide between those three. 

👉Hey David here the guy behind this website. Check Out My Favorite Metal Detecting Equipment Below 👍 Recommended

Nokta Makro Simplex+ an awesome machine
Nokta Makro Simplex+ an awesome machine!

I’m frequently asked what machines I use and recommend. No doubt about it, for the beginner get the Nokta Makro Simplex + Kit it’s the best. 100% waterproof, wireless headphones and pinpointer

Lesche T Handle Shovel picture
Lesche T Handle Shovel digs through everything

The next thing you need is a great shovel, believe me when I say you’ll dig more knowing you can dig FASTER. The nearly bullet proof Lesche T- Handle Shovel is the most comfortable heavy duty shovel I’ve ever used.

CKG Metal Detecting Beach Sand Scoop
CKG Metal Detecting Beach Sand Scoop, heavy duty

Metal Detecting and Beaches are a perfect match. To search a beach you’ve GOT TO HAVE A SAND SCOOP. CKG Sand Scoops are heavy duty and able to be used as a shovel.

Minelab Equinox 800 amazing Metal Detector
Minelab Equinox 800 amazing metal detector

If it’s time up UP YOUR GAME , get the industry standard metal detector. The Minelab Equinox 800 IS THE BEST. Okay it’s not cheap, but your finds are going to increase with this machine.

A friend down the block suggested going to a shop and talking to the owner about each model.  I drove the 40 miles to Serious Detecting and talked with the team there.  He suggested renting a unit and trying it out.  So after some paperwork and a deposit. I left with a Garrett AT MAX.  A weekend of serious sweeping and I was sold! 

Metal Detecting Tip: It takes time to learn your machine. As much as you would think the machine will do all the work and all you have to do is dig up the money, that’s not how it works. I still remember reading in the beginner guide that Charles Garrett said you should plan on 10 hours of detecting before finding anything.

Renting a Metal Detector for Finding a Lost Item

The convenience of renting when you know your only going to use it for an hour or two is perfect.  Image you lost your wedding ring at a backyard barbeque. One of those situations where you are sure you set the ring on the picnic table.  At this point you’ve got 3 options.

  1. Consider it gone (and weather the wrath of an angry spouse)
  2. Hire a Detectorist to search for it.  (These guys are usually paid for mileage and a courtesy commission)
  3. Rent a metal detector and search yourself for a faction of the cost.

Renting a Metal Detector for Property Line Stakes

Another reason to rent a metal detector is to settle property line disputes at a faction of the cost of having a surveyor.  Most property lines have already been marked with a stake.  Usually these stakes are made of steel, commonly an 18-inch piece of rebar.  At the time of the original survey a wood stake with flag is usually stuck alongside the rebar stake.

Renting a detector that is great for iron makes finding the points easy.  The $70 is cheap versus thousands for a survey.

Renting a Metal Detector on Vacation

I get bored sitting on a beach for more than a day.  Sure, I love beaches and being warm, but I start to get restless.   Scanning a beach with a metal detector is perfect for getting some exercises and meeting folks.

If you’re flying to a beach vacation, I’d suggest leaving the machine at home.  A big package like a metal detector will cost about $80 extra in luggage (just like golf clubs).  Most big beaches will offer rental machines.  Many times, the rental detector may be better than the one you already own.   Below I’ve put together and list of popular beaches with places to rent a metal detector.

Metal Detecting Tip:  When beach scanning sweep parallel to the water line.  Different moisture levels in the sand will throw off the balance of your unit. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Metal Detector?

From all the investigating I’ve done across the country the prices very between $20 for 3 hours to $25 / day.  Some metal detecting shops will rent high end machines.  At those places you could pay around $80 per day, but you get the benefit of using before buying.

Favorite Places to Rent a Metal Detector

  1. Coronado Beach San Diego, CA – This find was amazing.  Think of getting lessons and renting a metal detector!  Coronado Beach is super poplar and gets thousands of folks every weekend.  Lots of people swimming (loosing good stuff) and applying sunscreen (perfect for rings slipping off) The place to go is San Diego Metal Detectors, great service, expert lessons and upgraded equipment.  Check them out at this link –
  2. Myrtle Beach, SC – Sunbelt Rentals has handheld metal detectors and they have a couple locations in the Myrtle Beach area – here’s a link –
  3. Virginia Beach, VA – Check with Rental Works.  They carry Garrett Detectors and rent by the day.  A couple locations in the Virginia Beach area – here’s a link –
  4. Baker Beach, CA – AAA Rentals in Redwood carries Garrett Ace 250 metal detectors.  For a great cost of about $20 for 3 hours.  AAA Rentals can be found at this link –
  5. Grand Haven State Park Beach, MI – Michigan has great beaches and the DNR provides excellent guidance for where to metal detect.  Huge sugar sand beaches in a resort town make are the makings of treasure hunting success.  Redi Rental rents metal detectors for $33/day.  Here’s a link to find Redi Rental –
  6. Mid-Beach Miami, FL – Truly a warm weather beach vacation.  Miles of beaches with great treasure hunting opportunities.  You’ve got to work with Rent a Metal Detector .com.  Check out the instructional video for operating the Garrett 300.
  7. Oahu Beach in Honolulu, HI – This is a dream come true.  Vacationing in Honolulu and not swinging a metal detector would be like fishing and not using bait.  Lugging a big metal detector across the country on a plane is ridiculous when you can rent a Garrett 350 for $25 per day.  The great folks at Hawaiian Rent-All even have sand scoop.  Make a trip to Hawaii a true once in a lifetime trip.  Check out Hawaiian Rent-All, here’s a link to there shop –

Does Home Depot Rent Metal Detectors?

Unfortunately NO, my search of the Rental Centers at Home Depot resulted in a negative. It seems like renting metal detectors would be a great new business. So many folks are looking for property stakes and buried wires. Home Depot does sell metal detectors though. Here’s the link to check prices – > Home Depot Metal Detectors

Can a Metal Detector Find Keys?

Using a metal detector is the perfect way to find lost keys. Heck, I’ve found keys in the snow, check out this article – Can You Find Keys in the Snow with a Metal Detector?

Can You Hire Someone to Find a Lost Ring?

Yes, a band of active detectorists have formed a group called “The Ring Finders“. Basically, you look up a metal detecting expert in your area on their data base, then contact them. The prices vary with some folks asking to cover the expenses and a little extra.

Looking for some great places to metal detect? Vacationing with your detector is a great way to search out the best places in most states.


David Humphries, Writer and Creator of METAL DETECTING TIPS. After borrowing my son’s detector and finding $.25. I felt like a treasure hunter. FREE MONEY! I was seriously bitten by the metal detecting bug.

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