Clothes for Metal Detecting

What Clothes Should I Wear Metal Detecting?

When you go out metal detecting, you may not put much thought into what clothes you will wear. Does it even matter? When I first stated metal detecting, I did not really think much about specific clothing for the hunt.

You can, of course, simply wear your normal, everyday clothes to metal detect. But there are some items that make it easier to metal detect for long periods of time.

Tough gloves are essential for metal detecting
Tough gloves are essential for metal detecting

How to Choose Clothes for Metal Detecting

When buying clothes for metal detecting, you want to keep a few things in mind. Check the thickness of the material. You will be spending a lot of time outdoors, so you may get cold as you go about your metal detecting. You want your clothing to be thick enough to retain heat while you search for treasure.

Check the durability of the clothing. While metal detecting, you will encounter all manner of natural features that can damage clothing such as rocks, bushes, and water. You also want to make sure you have versatile clothing. Items like hats, light jackets that retain heat, and sunglasses all help make you more comfortable.

Clothing Accessories for Metal Detecting in All Areas

When metal detecting you want to be concentrating on the tones and not your clothes
When metal detecting you want to be concentrating on the tones and not your clothes

There are several clothing accessories that you can use no matter where you metal detect. The first of these is good quality gloves. While you metal detect, your hands can brush up against rocks, bushes, and sharp objects.

Good gloves keep your hands safe. They also keep your hands cleaner when you are digging holes and prevent you from getting scraped or jabbed by anything that may be inside the hole.

The second clothing accessory I like to use is knee pads. I metal detect a lot in the forested areas above my home. I have knelt on so many sharp rocks, pieces of metal, and wood. I started using knee pads to keep my knees safer while metal detecting.

I always have a hat with me while I metal detect. Usually I wear a ball cap, but I also have a sun hat I wear while detecting in the summertime. This helps keep the sun off my face and keeps my skin protected. Always wear sun screen, too!

The last item I take with me every time I go metal detecting is my finds pouch. These little pouches are a game changer. My favorite pouch has mesh at the bottom, so it helps filter out any sand and dirt particles, while keeping my finds safely inside.

It also has outer pouches that can carry a pinpointer, digging tool, or water bottle. Read my full review of the Pancky Finds Pouch here:

Clothes for Sandy Beach Areas

While metal detecting in sandy beach areas, especially in the summer, you will want to wear lightweight clothing. You can easily become overheated and that can lead to all sorts of issues. Wearing lightweight clothing, and keeping plenty of water with you, can help you stay cool.

Also, remember to use sun screen! I live in Utah, and we have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the country. Sun screen is simple to apply and can keep your skin safe.

Tips for Metal Detecting on the Beach
Read more πŸ‘‰ Tips for Metal Detecting on the Beach

If you are wearing sandals or are barefoot on the beach, make sure you keep an eye out for broken glass or other items that could hurt your feet or that you may kneel on. You can also wear a ballcap or a sunhat to keep the sun off your face.

If you plan to metal detect on the beach during the winter months, wear warm clothing as the air coming off the ocean or lake can be quite chilly. Wear good boots to keep the sand out of your shoes.

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I love the CKG Sand Scoop for Beach Metal Detecting

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Minelab Equinox 800 amazing metal detector

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Clothes for Mountains and Camping Areas

Normally when I metal detect in the mountains, it is summertime. Cold mornings and hot afternoons. I usually wear shorts, a T-shirt or tank top, good hiking shoes, and my knee pads. Always keep a hoodie or a jacket handy as the weather can change very quickly. I also wear a hat to keep the sun off my face, and plenty of sun screen.

Keep some water stored in your finds pouch so you stay hydrated. I also like to take along a compass so I can stay on my path if I get turned around while metal detecting. It is easy to wander farther than you intended to, and you may not have cell phone service, or your phone may not be charged.

A compass and knowledge of the area and where your camp is set up is the best backup plan. Most of the mountainous areas above my town have limited cell phone service.

Clothes for Parks

Metal detecting in an old park
Want help finding parks πŸ‘‰ Metal detecting in an old park

For nearly all city and town parks, you can wear your normal clothing. I still recommend good shoes, a hat, your finds pouch, and sun screen. Wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions, yet durable enough to metal detect in. I like to wear lightweight pants.

My favorite are the Columbia PFG Aruba pants. They are very light nylon fabric and have UV absorbing fibers (equal to 30 SPF) to keep skin protected. They also have moisture wicking abilities, so you stay comfortable. This style is available for men or women.

Clothing for Inclement Weather Detecting

After a storm is one of the best times to metal detect. Storms churn up the waters, cause erosion, and turn up items that have been lost to time. Sometimes after a large rainstorm, there will be drizzly conditions, but you still want to get out and metal detect.

When metal detecting in the rain, ensure your metal detector is waterproof. Water is a killer of non-waterproof metal detectors. You will want to ensure your outer layer is also waterproof. Raincoats, rainboots, and waterproof pants, shoes, and gloves are helpful in keeping you dry. You can take along an umbrella, but you will have to set it down to dig, so it is best to make sure you do not get soaked by wearing the proper clothing.

Clothes for Cold Weather Metal Detecting

If you plan to metal detect in the winter, make sure you have enough clothing to keep you warm, without making you sweat. If you sweat outside in the wintertime, you run the risk of developing hypothermia quicker. If you overheat and sweat, the cold air or wind will hit your perspiration and it will rapidly evaporate. This leads to an almost instantaneous drop in temperature.

When detecting cold weather, I recommend several layers of clothing so you can remove items or add them back, depending on your body temperature. A thermal long-sleeved undershirt, a sweater, and a coat are what I use. When I feel like I am getting too warm, I take off the coat. That is usually enough to cool me off in the cold northern Utah mountains.

I also take a long a beanie. Beanies are great for keeping your head and ears warm. My husband will wear a ball cap with a beanie over the top, so his ears are warm, and the sun stays out of his eyes. If you metal detect an area with snow, you will want sunglasses, especially if the sun is out. The sun reflecting off the snow can be blinding, and it is very hard on the eyes.

Wear warm thermal boots when cold weather metal detecting. You want to make sure your feet stay warm and dry to prevent frostbite. You will also want thermal gloves. I like to use waterproof gloves, so my hands stay dry and warm, again, preventing frostbite. The boots I use allow me to tuck my pants into them, so snow stays out of my boots and my pants stay dry.

Clothes for Hot Weather Detecting

For hot weather, you want the lightest clothing possible, while still protecting your skin. Thin, breathable, moisture wicking clothing is the best choice. Make sure you have good shoes to protect your feet, a hat to shade your face, sun screen, and plenty of water!

It can be difficult to wrap your head around, but long sleeves and pants offer the best protection. I lived in Las Vegas for years, and many of the outdoor workers wore long sleeves and pants to keep the sun off their skin. It seems counterintuitive, but preventing the sun from hitting your skin keeps you cooler. Just make sure they are very lightweight!

Wear clothes that are made for doing work heavy boots, good gloves and working pants
Wear clothes that are made for doing work heavy boots, good gloves and working pants

Wrapping Up

The proper clothing can make all the difference while metal detecting. The more comfortable you are, the longer you can hunt. Proper clothing will make you more comfortable and keep you detecting longer so you do not miss a single treasure!

Happy Hunting!

Malory Ericksen discovered metal detecting in 2015, initially unearthing nails and pull tabs in Idaho. The finding of an old railroad tie cemented her passion for the hobby. Now in Utah, she delights in uncovering historical treasures, driven by her love for history.

Read Malory’s complete bio πŸ‘‰ About Malory Ericksen

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