Garrett Edge Digger

Garrett Edge Digger Review

Read the reviews and check current prices on Amazon for πŸ‘‰ Garrett Edge Digger

High quality metal detecting accessories are very important to your success as a detectorist. A high-quality hand digging tool is one of the most important tools you can keep with you. The Garrett Edge Digger is a high-quality handheld digging tool that will help you quickly and easily dig plugs to find treasures below.

Finding treasure with a metal detector
Finding treasure with a metal detector

Why Do I Need a Hand Digger?

A good quality hand digger makes digging holes and plugs much easier. A traditional shovel is fine, too, but a hand digger lets you dig a smaller hole and requires less energy. The easier you can dig holes, find treasure, and replace the hole, the quicker you can move on to the next target. Small hand diggers are perfect for digging plugs in grassy areas. The plugs come out easily and can be replaced easily. There will be no evidence of any damage.

About the Garrett Edge Digger

Garrett’s Edge Digger features a 7.5” digging blade, with a total length of 12” including the handle. The digger is made of carbon steel with cutting edge teeth. The handle has a non-slip, comfortable grip. The digger comes with a carry sheath for belt mounted use. This makes the tool easy to carry, easy to access, and easy to put back into the belt sheath.

Read the reviews and check current prices on Amazon for πŸ‘‰ Garrett Edge Digger

Pros of the Garrett Edge Digger

  • Lightweight at just 1 pound
  • Easy grip, comfortable handle
  • Serrated edges
  • Made of carbon steel for durability

Cons of the Garrett Edge Digger

  • Powder coated, which can cause additional drag in certain soil types
  • Serrated edges could be pointier for extra cutting power (powder coating makes them duller)
  • May need to file the pointed tip to remove some powder coating, making the digger sharper

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One Last Scoop

Overall, the πŸ‘‰ Garrett Edge Digger is a good quality hand shovel. It would be better with certain modifications, however. Some users have reported the handle disconnecting from the blade. I have never encountered this issue, but it is something to keep in mind.

Malory Ericksen discovered metal detecting in 2015, initially unearthing nails and pull tabs in Idaho. The finding of an old railroad tie cemented her passion for the hobby. Now in Utah, she delights in uncovering historical treasures, driven by her love for history.

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